vVFA-161 Fightin' Stingrays

"Brave men and their proud simulators."

The vVFA-161 Fightin' Stingrays are a virtual squadron who balance training, professionalism,
and fun to make the crew as effective as possible, without the drag of going full mill-sim.

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Here for VF-45 "Hot Shots!"?

Our website is still under construction, so we've co-opted our sister squadron's. As part of vCVW-10, our ethos is much the same, so you can read about them (and us) here!
If you're interested, contact vVF-45 CO Otto on discord @wrench36!

vVF-161 Fightin' Stingrays

The vVFA-161 Fightin' Stingrays was put together to be a fun place for enthusiasts to come together for a fun atmosphere, while also improving skills. The over-arching goal of the squadron is to answer the question: “How do Naval Aviators do what they do?” We don’t intend to be a full “mil-sim” group with rigid rank structures, Sir/Ma’am honorifics, or giving “ranks” to our members. We do intend to come together as a team, respect the hierarchy of squadron leadership, and work together to improve the squadron’s battlefield performance in DCS, as well as our own skills in the jet. The squadron is meant to equally be a place where members can get together to have a good time and form real friendships, as well as step to the jet with a “fangs out” attitude when we start the aircraft.

We are a dedicated Navy / Carrier ops Squadron specializing in the F/A-18C Hornet. Feel free to join us and see how you fit in with the guys. One important warning though: you will be assigned a callsign from the squadron and will have to accept it as your own.

If you're interested in joining, find the CO's contact information below, and send us a message on Discord!

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